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Monday, January 16, 2012

Letter for my Father

Letter for my Father

The hours were painful and long,
Sitting at the side of your bed,
Reliving years of memories,
Leaving nothing left unsaid.

Your once strong hands feeble,
I was afraid to touch,
So I whispered softly in your ear,
Dad, I love you very much!

I hope you felt my love.
How lucky I was to be your daughter!
You made me strong and proud,
I was blessed to have you as my father.

I can’t forget the twinkle in your eyes,
I talk to you through my tears,
Guess I’ve never really said goodbye,
Even after twenty-three years.

The hours were painful and long,
The days since even longer still,
I miss you from the bottom of my heart,
I know I always will.

© Dianna Doles Petry