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Monday, March 15, 2010

As She Slumbers

As She Slumbers

The room is eerily quiet,
The sound of her breathing amplified,
As I lie motionless, listening;
Feeling helpless and anxious.

Her heart beats out of rhythm,
Struggling to untangle memories,
That keeps her tethered to this life,
Lost in the shadow of the life she once knew.

I wonder if she ever dreams,
Of helium balloons and music,
Past lovers and birthing her children,
Or the many sunsets of her youth.

Rain drops pound against the window,
As heavy as a sledge hammer against cement.
She straightens her arm before bending it again,
As if she is conjuring up music one last time.

I wish I could just hold her,
Instead I pray quietly so she won’t hear.
I rise and gently touch her wrinkled face,
As I smooth the tangle of hair that is her halo.

© Dianna Doles Petry


  1. Oh sweet friend, how I wish I could reach out and touch the halo atop your head... maybe that's what your Mother reaches for, in and out of her dreams. You truly are an Angel for giving her this tender loving care... may God Bless you always Dianna.

  2. Thank you, Ruthi. I am not an angel, my halo rusted and fell from my head many years ago. I am, however, the best daughter I know how to be and I cannot imagine having my mother anywhere but here in her home. The days have become more stressful but I am grateful that I'm able to see her through this time. I appreciate your encouragement, Ruthi, when it's so easy to become discouraged.

  3. That is a beautiful poem about a beautiful lady. I don't even know her proper first name, because we always called her "Mamaw". When I think of her I envision her holding court in your living room, cracking jokes and making everyone feel like family.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Dianna. The photo is so serene, and the words speak of you enduring love and respect for your Mom.

  5. Through tears I read this truly wonderful poem, Dianna. Your writing always makes me feel every word you write. What a wonderful daughter you are. I know your mother thinks you are.

  6. Thank you for loving and caring for your mother through this time of her life, your an angel of a daughter.

  7. Thank all of you for your love and support. I would be very lost without you!

  8. More like Grandpa Munster. Ha Ha.


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