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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Early Morning Quiet

(Photograph by Kyle Pack-Doles 2007)

Early Morning Quiet

In the early morning quiet,
New blooms wait for sun's kiss,
Baby birds tweet for nourishment,
I cherish moments like this.

A second cup of coffee,
As I think of days long ago,
Tin lard pails holding blackberries,
There was much I didn't know.

Life seemed to hold a grand secret,
Shared with only a few,
Sunshine warming my shoulders,
My future was still brand new.

My pace is slower now,
But there's more I hope to see,
Maybe if I'm lucky today,
Inspiration will shine on me.

In the early morning quiet,
Wings flutter and flowers yawn,
Peaceful moments of my life,
Arrive as beautifully as dawn.

© Dianna Doles-Petry


  1. I think inspiration has managed to shine upon you, as well as your readers, in this lovely breeze of verse.

  2. Enjoyed this sweetie, love you.

  3. Seldom do I read your work - whether poetry or prose - without coming away with a subtle fragrance of splendor dipped in childlike awe of a world stand on the edge of my vision. I know - mixed metaphors. I'm trying to say your words and your insights have touched my heart yet again.

  4. you never seize to amaze me Dianna,your poetry goes hand in hand with each word turned into a verse that keeps me Captured away til the very end of the paragraph.. just simply beau-ti-ful, like the writer herself, thanks Dianna for sharing your talent to the world..


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