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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day 2011

A special poem for my children!

On this special day each year,

Cards, flowers, and chocolate appear,

But I want you,my children, to know,

I may not say it enough but I love you so.

Tried to live by the golden rule,

Taught you to never play the fool,

You in turn, taught me to live,

Together we learned how to forgive.

I know there were times you cried,

When you felt scared and confused inside,

Wanted to chase those feelings away,

Wanted to hear your laughter every day.

Sometimes I didn't know what to do,

I held you close and prayed for you,

Tried to show you understanding,

At times I was probally too demanding.

Called your names from our back door,

Swept broken dreams from the floor,

Watched summer sunlight kiss your skin,

How I'd love to do it all again.

I couldn't keep you young forever,

I encouraged your ambitious endeavor,

Now full grown and on your own,

You are the seeds of love I've sown.

I love you!

© Dianna Doles-Petry



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