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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Christmas...

A few decorations still adorn the house,
Ornaments swatted as if each was a mouse,
Needles from the tree all over the floor,
Just cleaning this mess will leave my body sore.

Leftover cookies, eggnog, and cake,
I give them to friends for my own sake,
For my ample assets have expanded enough,
Finding jeans to fit me could become quite tough.

I hate the silence; the music no longer plays,
My family has all gone their separate ways,
They left me with memories I'll forever keep,
Along with gifts; none of them cheap.

The anticipation of that one day,
Leaves me blue when it goes away,
For after Christmas the cheer is not here,
I long for that feeling all through the year.

I hope they didn't see my eyes fill with tears,
As I relived memories from many other years,
When ribbons and bows flew through the air,
When everyone I loved was gathered there.

The day after Christmas is over for me,
Bright red hearts line shelves for lovers to see,
Valentine's Day will soon come and go,
I wonder if we'll have any fresh fallen snow.

A few decorations still adorn my house,
The rooms are so silent I could hear a mouse,
I close my eyes to hear their voices once more,
Blessed to have such love on Christmas and forever more.

© Dianna Doles Petry

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