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Friday, April 12, 2013

Precious Peaceful Moments

Relaxed as a baby in her mother’s arms,
I close my eyes,
Kick off my shoes,
And hum a few lullabies.

Sprawled in my wooden swing,
Away from the chores and routine,
I can sit and ponder life at leisure,
Slowing the pace of this well-worn machine.

Feeling the still cool earth against my feet,
I think about feeding songbirds,
Happy moments long gone,
Like my father’s soothing words.

Music lingers in with a breeze,
Quickly chasing away my forming tears,
The hum of a lawnmower in the distance,
Is a reminder of the passing years.

Wasn’t it only yesterday,
I plucked flowers and played games?
My life was filled so many people then,
I couldn’t possibly remember all the names.

I breathe deeply and relax again,
While I convince myself I am not old,
I can still dazzle and create joy,
Still offer shelter when the night is cold.

There are never enough of these moments,
Never enough time to find what we seek,
I keep my eyes closed for a while,
Content to swing without taking a peek.

© Dianna Doles Petry

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  1. This is poetry for everyone who has ever taken pleasure in daydreaming. Because it is like a daydream itself. While delivering its own imagery via its' author it just as easily invokes memories and the imagery associated with them in the head of the reader. I really enjoy it. It is gloriously escapist.


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